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Builder's Hardware Centre

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Cupboard Handles

Our selection of cupboard handles is sure to grab your attention.

From sleek and sophisticated to rough and rustic, we have a number of handles that will tie into any theme.

We believe in living better, and its the small details that matter.
No matter your setting - office, home, industrial, urban or rural, you will see and feel the difference, and so will your guests.
  1. Stainless Steel Pull
    Stainless Steel Pull
  2. Aries Hndle
    Aries Hndle
  3. Broad Arch Stiple Handle
    Broad Arch Stiple Handle
  4. Duck Foot Pull
    Duck Foot Pull
  5. Bird Cage Knob
    Bird Cage Knob
  6. Bird Cage Drop Handle
    Bird Cage Drop Handle
  7. Quality Pine Knob
    Quality Pine Knob
  8. Brass Ball Knob
    Brass Ball Knob
  9. White Ceramic Knob
    White Ceramic Knob
  10. Galaxy Handle
    Galaxy Handle
  11. Crystal Knob
    Crystal Knob
  12. Antique Brass Drop Pull
    Antique Brass Drop Pull
  13. Antique Ring Drop Handle
    Antique Ring Drop Handle
  14. Brass Drop Pull Handle
    Brass Drop Pull Handle
  15. Tassel Drop
    Tassel Drop
  16. Woven Pull Handle
    Woven Pull Handle

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